Domain of Ethan "DigitalDemiurge" Edelen

Making art, programming, and passion intersect


Since I had already tackled every other creative pursuit under the sun, it was only a matter of time that I turned to composing music. I started out by creating music using LMMS, a free Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), before moving on to a different DAW, REAPER.

As I composed, I wanted to capture the feel of music written specifically for video games. Honestly, I believe that video game music does not get the praise it deserves — the music in a video game contributes heavily to the mood of the game and the emotions you feel while playing it. About half the experience of a game comes from the music by itself. That, and I feel as if there are some pieces of video game music that stand on their own as legitimate works of art, such as "Dancing Mad" from Final Fantasy VI, anything that Tim Follin has touched, or the entirety of the Pizza Tower soundtrack.

Below are the two songs I've finished so far, listed in chronological order.


Bloodstained Glass